I Designed an e-commerce website for a luxury lifestyle product brand to showcase their products and unique designs.

2015 E-commerce Prototyping

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, WordPress

Funded by Ranvik Exports Private Limited

Role – UX Researcher and Information architecture

Main contributed in UX strategy, information architecture, user and competitor research, wire framing & visual design, prototyping, testing.

01. Understanding the opportunity

The brief

To design an e-commerce website to reflect Three Sixty Degree’s brand & values. In particular to showcase their unique designs and lifestyle products.

The opportunity 

E-commerce sites are generally impersonal, inexpert and lack quality curation. It became clear from user interviews & our competitive review that an expert and personalised approach was something that other stores did not provide.

The solution

An e-commerce website that incorporates Three Sixty Degree’s excellent customer service, expertise, and personal approach.



02. Discovery

User interviews

We interviewed 5 people that frequently purchased lifestyle goods from e-commerce websites, our main findings were that:
– users often went to local stores when they needed advice;
– they generally found online retailers to have poor service and expertise;
– users found it difficult to find help, or even to find contact details.

Competitive analysis

At the same time as conducting user research we started a competitive review. Our aim was to find what similar platforms were doing to support users, and what could be improved upon. Our main findings were that:
– limited customer service & advice; 
– impersonal service;
– limited curation (usually just promotional).



03. Defining the user need


The findings from our user interviews formed the basis for our 2 personas, Neil who owns a restaurant, and Sara who is a fashion designer and loves to collect art.  We chose to focus primarily on Neil for the first stage of design work as his goals and frustrations reflected the majority of our users interviewed.

Our personas, Neil & Sara
A summary of our key persona - Neil


User flow

Neil is trying to find unique luxury designer furniture for his restaurant, but he is finding it difficult to track down quality of furniture that are recommended by other restaurants owners (especially for a good price). What Neil needs is a website where he can get advice, and choose from a good selection of lifestyle products. The simplified user flow below shows the key steps of Neil’s journey:

Simplified Neil's user flow

04. Developing the product

Card sorting

We conducted open and closed card sorting with around 10 users to inform the information architecture and organise the sitemap. 


Design Studio

We got interesting solutions to provide better service and advice online by conducting a design studio. Then pulled and sketched out the feasible ones to progress with.

Design Studio

Testing & iteration

Using our initial sketches we started to paper prototype and test with users. Iterating with further paper and digital wireframes, and eventually using Invision to prototype.

Quick low fidelity wireframes

05. Delivery & next steps

At the end of the project we delivered a stakeholder presentation, high fidelity prototype, and a detailed design specification including annotated wireframes and a detailed style guide, an example of some of the content is shown below.  

Specification & style guide

A sample of the design specification - this was done for each design or wireframe
A summary of the style guide - the full guide includes all styles and interactive elements

Final designs

Take a look through some of our key screens in the carousel below:

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