Billzplit App

Designed a mobile app to help split bills and transfer payments between Billzplit users and non-users. 
It also helps you to keep track of how much you owe your friends and vice-versa.

My role: UX strategy, Information architecture, user & competitor research, wireframing, visual design, prototyping and testing.

01. Understanding the opportunity

The brief

To design an app to help users and non-users split bills, make payments and keep a track of borrowings.

The opportunity

Splitting of bills among friends is complicated, confusing and time-consuming. There are quite a few apps availabe in the market.

The solution

An app that can help users and non-users split bills, make payments and keep a track of borrowings in the simplest manner.


02. Discovery

Key findings from user interviews were that users: 
– found splitting of bills with friends stressful, complicated and time-consuming;
– often forgot how much they owe to friends or vice-versa;
– found difficult to split bills with new users;
– need one-stop solution instead of using two or more platforms to split bills and transfer payments.



03. Defining the user need

Persona development

I crafted a persona from the user interview findings, outlining the key goals and frustrations that I needed to design for. 

The persona - Anna

User flow

I developed a number of user journeys and flows to help clarify the necessary steps to design for. There were a number of user goals and frustrations to satisfy but the key one was to help Anna split bill with her friends by uploading the bill, typing in the amount and the reference and then sending a pay request link to her friends. The simplified user flow below shows the key steps of Anna’s journey:

Simplified user flow

04. Developing the product

Considering feedback from user testing, the design went through at least 5 design iterations.

I improved the design through paper prototyping and low fidelity prototyping to include payment gateway and contact list for sending pay requests, the ability to  instantly transfer money with friends and users, and a group chat feature for planning out an event and splitting bills. 

The first round of testing with paper prototypes

Testing & iteration

Using our initial sketches we started to paper prototype and test with users. Iterating with further paper and digital wireframes, and eventually using Sketch and Invision to prototype.

Testing the mid fidelity wireframes

05. Delivery & next steps

Specification & style guide

Below is the completed documentation and a style guide for the project. I developed a style guide inspired by the orange colour as the Billzplit theme, and used a green and a red to contrast this for the Receive and Pay option respectively.

A sample of the design specification - this was done for each design or wireframe
A summary of the style guide - the full guide includes all styles and interactive elements

Final designs

Take a look at the Billzplit prototype:

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